Friday, November 12, 2010

Miso Crafty

My attempts at being crafty are usually dismal failures. This truth has no bearing my my attempts.

Today's fun, messy, somewhat-successful project was dyeing three playsilks using koolaid and vinegar.

I started out with 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and a blank silk scarf. Exhibit A:

I was going for a purple color, so I mixed  Black Cherry and a Blue Something Or Other Koolaid packets. The red definitely prevailed, and as I was stirring the mixture, I suddenly was reminded that this very same bowl caught my placenta when Annabelle was born. Good memories. Exhibit B:

I microwaved for three minutes, cooled for two minutes, and microwaved again for three minutes. I then soaked it in vinegar, and gave it a cool bath under some running water. After drying... Exhibit C:

Not too bad for an uncrafty craft-wanna-be!

I wanted something kind of teal/turquoise, so I mixed blue and green packets of koolaid. I could tell right away that the green would prevail (blue koolaid is totally weak. Next time I'll double the blues.)

But the green is pretty nonetheless.

The smell of baking koolaid enticed Micah into the kitchen. He wanted to try it too. This time I mixed two oranges and one pink.

I had to tell him several times that the mixture, as fruity as it smelled, would not taste good. He had fun stirring and microwaving, though.

I ran out of koolaid, but I am going to do this again! It's fun, and it worked!


Mrs. Kenny said...

Ok this looks pretty fun! I wonder if it would work with white paper? Now I'm going to have to copy cat you too! Hugs!

Lirpastar said...

You are so talented and crafty, my lurve!